We are dedicated to be the industry leader in the edible oils business with

global network through uncompromised level of services, premium quality products, 

innovative packaging, investment in leading process technology and continuous 

updates in R&D. 
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BHARAT RICE & OIL MILLS was founded in 1957 with Immense efforts from Shri RatanLal 

Toshniwal and Shri Hukmichand Bhangdiya.
It was started as a small scale rice manufacturing industry and with the time it prospered to the existing one of the biggest edible oil industry in Hyderabad, INDIA. It is a partnership company registered under partnership act of India. BHARAT RICE & OIL MILLS is a core member of the APOMA (Andhra Pradesh Oil Miller's Association), a partnership company with a long standing reputation in the edible oils and fats industry. The business activities include oil refining, oil packaging in different types of packages, logistics and warehousing. Derived from the Sanskrit context, BHARAT means INDIA working in tandem to provide valued indian customers with reliable and cost-effective India wide distribution. Having accumulated over 45 years of experience in the business, we have firmly established ourselves as one of the industry leaders. As a manufacturer for over 45 years, our product is constantly tested and evaluated and the result revealed a constant high standard.
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 Over the years, we have constantly kept abreast and employed the latest manufacturing technology.

Locally, we serve major distributors, leading supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and food

industries. Not conceded by our current performance, we are still expanding our reach to 

serve you better.

With long-term approach to our business goal, BHARAT RICE & OIL MILLS is ever receptive 

to market demands and is constantly searching for innovative solutions to your needs. 

With our commitment and track record in the field, we firmly believe that we can offer a mutually 

beneficial relationship to our business partners for continued growth well into the 21st Century.
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